The Refuge Storm Shelters offer safe, comfortable shelters with extra head room and comfortable seating for six, eight, or even fifteen adults.

These shelters are durable fiberglass construction, mold/mildew resistant and waterproof.
Standard Features include

· Durable fiberglass construction supports the 10 year limited warranty

· Fiberglass is waterproof and mold and mildew resistant Molded benches provide comfortable seating for adults and children

· Ventilation provided through dual ventilation pipes

· Molded in steps with all weather carpeting for safe entry and exit

· Handrail along one side of stairs for safe entry

· Large door for quick and easy entrance

· Molded in shelf space for emergency supplies such as water bottles, batteries, flashlights, blankets, first aid kit, battery operated radio and cellular phone

· Door tested at Texas Tech University Wind Engineering Research Center and exceeds guidelines for an inground shelter door

· Double door latches hold door secure in extreme wind conditions

· One day installation with most jobs complete in three to five hours

  Refuge 1:

The Refuge 1 can comfortable seat up to fifteen people. With interior dimensions of 6'10" wide, 8'4" long, and 6'10" high this shelter is sure to keep even a large family comfortable during the storm.
Refuge 2:

With seating capacity for 8 people, the Refuge 2 (also known as the patio model) is great for the family on a budget. With interior dimensions of 5' wide, 6' long, and 6'6" high this model has an excellent amount of head room for the tall members of your family.
Mini Refuge:

The Mini Refuge, with a seating capacity for up to six adults, is compact yet roomy and was build for places where space is an issue. Interior dimension of 4'6" wide, 5' long, and 6'2" high give even this "mini" shelter the ability to seat the taller members of your family more comfortably than most mini underground shelters can do.

To receive our brochures and literature give us a call at (501)847-9991 or 681-5637

There is a "copycat" manufacturer of the Refuge on the market. These copycat shelters are not the quality of the Refuge shelter and do not meet the safety guidelines. If you are looking at a Refuge, make sure it is the real thing.



Welcome to the Safe Room section of our website. Here you will find information
about our above ground safe rooms. Each safe room can protect you and your family
from severe weather, such as tornadoes and hurricanes.The safe room has a feature of
a the door opening to the inside to prevent any debris from blocking you from
exiting the safe room.

Our safe rooms can house all your valuables while you are on vacation.Just add a
lock and your shelter becomes a safe when you are away. Use the safe room for every
day protection of your important documents, as well as a gun vault to protect your
children from their own curious nature.

Do you want a safe place to run, in case of intruders in your home? A panic room
is simply another way to use our safe rooms. Just go inside the safe room and lock
the door. We can modify each safe room to fit the needs of you and your family.

A Safe Room will keep your family safe from both the weather and intruders!

  • Vault Style Door opens to the inside
  • Door has triple hinge and triple locks for your saftey
  • Each Safe room is constructed 1/4" thick plate metal and
    1/4" angle iron framing
  • Built in seating for extra comfort
  • Anchored to a concrete slab with 1/4" lag bolts with epoxy
  • (FEMA F-5) Texas Tech Tested

Sizes Available:

4' x 6' x 6' 2" call for pricing
4' x 8' x 6' 2" call for pricing
6' x 8' x 6' 2" call for pricing

1989 Lincoln Contenintal dropped 40 feet onto shelter, showing the strength of our storm safe rooms.

Not a dent or even a scratch!

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